PPC vs. SEO Stats for Effective Advertising in 2022

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PPC advertising is becoming more competitive by the day as search engines and social media competitors compete for a piece of the pie. More and more online shoppers rely on paid advertisements, making staying on top of the SERPs more challenging than ever. Therefore, keeping up with a fast-paced industry like paid advertising is difficult. Obtaining a complete understanding is, however, far from difficult. We will be covering the most recent PPC data, including ROI, CTR, budget allocation, and conversion rates.

General PPC Statistics

Google Ads typically earn businesses $2 for every $1 spent.

According to the data above, Google Ads has a 200% ROI. Google Ads ROI is affected by a variety of factors, so it is important to remember that this is an average. For their part, small businesses appear to have adequate justification for continuing to invest in sponsored advertising. According to Wordstream research, small businesses spend between $9,000 and $10,000 per month on Google Ads campaigns.

Marketers plan to increase their PPC budgets by 62%.

PPC budgets are expected to continue rising, according to almost two-thirds of marketers. On the other hand, only 35% of marketers plan to maintain their PPC expenditures. PPC advertising statistics indicate that 49% of marketers intend to increase their investments in social ads, while 60% intend to increase their investments in-text ads.

45% of small businesses use PPC advertising.

According to a Clutch poll, 45% of small business owners rely on PPC advertising despite only accounting for 30% of their marketing expenses.

PPC is one of the top three sources of on-page conversions, according to Clutch.

In Hanapin’s crucial PPC statistics, PPC budgets are expected to continue to rise.

In Hanapin’s crucial PPC statistics, PPC budgets are expected to continue to rise.

In the coming year, more than half of the respondents (62%) intend to increase their PPC budgets, are “much higher,” and only 9% said their PPC budgets were lower.

In 97% of situations, customers look for local businesses on the internet.

Consumers search the internet for local businesses 97% of the time, and 12% do it daily, according to BrightLocal research from 2017. Information like this illustrates how reliant we are on the internet to meet our consumption needs. It also shows how valuable PPC advertising can be. If they target the right demographic and generate enough PPC traffic. Almost everyone uses the internet to find local businesses, so a well-positioned sponsored ad can lead them to you.

Paid search accounts for 39% of total marketing budgets.

Paid search is one of the most efficient digital marketing platforms, according to PPC advertising statistics from a recent study. Paid search accounts for over 40% of total advertising budgets, followed by paid social (18%) and display advertising (16%).

9.52% of all clicks on mobile are PPC clicks.

PPC clicks account for 52% of all mobile clicks. Additionally, 70% of paid search impressions come from mobile devices. Now is the time to do so if you haven’t done so before.

Google’s search network has an average CTR of 3.17%, while its display network has an average CTR of 0.46%.

Pay-per-click ads show dating and personal services have the highest click-through rates (6%), advocacy (4.41%), auto (4%), and travel (4%). In the display network, Real Estate has the highest CTR with 1.08%, which is more than double the average. Bing, which is another excellent PPC platform, has an average CTR of 2.83% across all industries.

The average CPC in Google Ads is $2.69 on the search network and $0.63 on the display network.

In order to determine cost-per-click trends across different ad platforms, we compared the average cost per click (CPC) across the top three ad networks, Google, Bing, and Facebook. Google Ads have the highest average CPC of the three, with a search network CPC of $2.69 and a display network CPC of $0.63. The average CPC for a Facebook ad is $1.72. While close to Facebook, Bing ads have the lowest average CPC ($1.54).

Statistics on SEO vs. PPC

According to Google’s Search Ads Pause Study, search advertising does not hurt organic traffic. It’s exactly the contrary. When search advertisements were disabled, organic clicks couldn’t regain 89% of traffic. (Source: Google)

Because sponsored ads appear above organic search results, it’s no surprise that they account for such a large share of clicks.

Using organic versus sponsored search data, this top organic result generates just under 9% of clicks.

The rate of conversion of leads acquired through paid search is 50% higher than that of organic search.

Paid search leads convert at a 50% higher rate than those obtained from a website, but also in converting visitors into paying customers.

Paid search leads convert at a 50% higher rate than those obtained to discover new products.

Nearly a third of internet users look for new stuff through paid marketing.

The study shows that paid social media advertising can reach and engage the right people.

37% of Instagram users say sponsored ads are relevant to their interests most of the time.

A recent survey found that people said sponsored ads on Instagram always (10%), most of the time (37%), or somewhat match their interests (35%).

12% of respondents say that sponsored advertisements do not match their interests in the majority of cases, and in the majority of cases, sponsored advertisements do not match their interests at all.

What Is A Good PPC Conversion Rate?

Conversion rates of 10% or higher are generally considered excellent. Google Ads campaigns need a conversion rate of at least 5.31% to be considered acceptable, while Amazon Ads require a conversion rate of at least 9.47%. Try different ad targeting, landing pages, ad copy, and offers to determine what works best.


PPC Has Some Advantages Over SEO

  • Cost-Effective: As previously stated, you only pay when someone visits your site via an affiliate link. Unlike others, you will not be charged to run your advertisements. Your wallet will reap significant benefits from this method of payment, as it is more accurate.


  • Can Target Selective Audience: One of the main advantages is that you can target a specific audience for your product and services based on gender, location, community, age group, and other factors. For example, if you sell cosmetics for ladies, you can purposefully and Having our basic data on hand, websites allow us to be grouped on a different basis, and that is why they gather women.


  • Easy to Track Effectiveness: Analyzing the performance of your campaigns and calculating the details of the traffic on your site or the type of audience that is drawn to your product is very simple.


  • More Effective Than Other Organic Techniques: Experts have expressed their belief in PPC as a good form of marketing by studying trends and data, as opposed to organic marketing, which is based on inflexible algorithms. SEO has been shown to be less effective than PPC.


  • Trademark Protection: Due to the broad audience, this strategy unintentionally increases vigilance or awareness about your business. The key approach for successfully playing the marketing card is the frequent sight of the brand logo or tag.

In earlier decades, the majority of the market’s major participants used mainstream and local media, such as television, newspapers, magazines, pamphlets, and so on, to promote their products and services. However, as social media has become more widely used in everyday life in recent years, new advertising strategies have emerged that have proven to be quite effective in driving purchases.


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